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“A week ago today, my 96 years old father, Paul Burnsky, moved into Room 3 of House 5. I am grateful that room was available. After researching other assisted living home, I was very impressed with your facilities and staff. Your concept of “Small by Design” is ingenious and very appealing.  I must say that Kathy Lavin was also instrumental in the decision to choose Alfred House. She was knowledgeable, courteous, and accommodating to my busy schedule (for I am in sales and marketing for a family owed business too).  I look forward to meeting you one day. I also want to thank you for your compassion and service for the elderly in our society.”
P.J. Burnsky


“I want to express my gratitude to you all for the opportunity to spend the time I needed in respite care at AlfredHouse III. I have come home stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time. Each of you played a very important role in your own way in helping me get back on my feet literally. Blessings to you all!”
Patricia Smyrk


“From the moment I walked into AlfredHouse I, I was comfortable. Your staff was wonderful. They made my Mom and I feel like home. She lived her last months with dignity, respect, and excellent care. I will always keep your home in fond memories and will always be grateful for the ladies at AlfredHouse.”
Sandi Russell



“I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful, loving care that my mother received during her stay at AlfredHouse Florence.”
Linda Colarco


“We want to express our gratitude for the loving care, attention, and peaceful environment that AlfredHouse provided Bette during these last four years. We are confident that you and your staff made her as comfortable and happy as possible under the circumstances. You have our deepest appreciation.”
Cory Tylka


“This is an expression of my sincere appreciation for the excellent care that my spouse has received – especially while I was away. It would not be fair for me to single out any one person, for I feel that he has been treated kindly and professionally by everyone concerned. Again, I would like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to all.”
LaVerne Glascoe


“One comes across angels in one’s life at the right time and in the right place. Shane, you are one of those angels. You enhanced the quality of our dad’s final days and you provided unconditional support ‑ and you your time ‑ to us as we traveled an uncharted path. What more can we say than ‑ thank you once more.”
Marilyn and Jerry


“I would like to let you know that this home is one of the nicest, and most pleasant that I deal with. The residents always seem quite happy. It is always a pleasure to come here work with my patient.”
Terry Elan, CP Home Prosthetic Care


“I want to write to express my deep appreciation for the care that the staff at AlfredHouse Shalom gave to my late aunt. Debi and I were delighted when we were able to secure a place for our aunt at AlfredHouse Shalom. We continue to recommend the AlfredHouse network of care homes as a very humane and effective place for aging loved ones.”
Debi and Jeffrey Harwood


“The day we walked into the AlfredHouse to tour your facility, we were totally impressed with the care and cleanliness that we witnessed. Shane knew everyone by name and took time to speak with, and touch everyone he came into contact with. I wish my words could tell you how deeply appreciative we are. May God bless everyone involved with AlfredHouse.”
The Hutt Family


“I want to express my thanks to you and the staff that cared for my father at AlfredHouse Shalom. While my father lived at the house, he was safe, clean, and comfortable. I especially feel thankful that he had the opportunity to be cared for by three outstanding workers, Margaret, Kumar, and Josue. I never knew that there were really angels here on earth, but I now believe that there are! My father was treated as though he was a member of the family and I am grateful.”
Sherri Eady